Faculty and Staff

Our Whittier Staff Team

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PHONE: 720-424-3040


Jai Palmer Principal
Lynette Hall-Jones Administrative Assistant & 3rd Grade Math/Science
Sherry Dennis Secretary
Raenetta Whittington Secretary


Sara Chitwood ECE – Head Start (4 year olds)
Lisa Moe ECE – Full Day Program (4 year olds)
Patricia Landy Kindergarten
Lauren Yamashita Kindergarten
Bernadette Huff 1st
Marjaneh Tiger-Gross 1st
Tovah Keleshian 2nd Grade (one class-all subjects)
Roberta Morrow 2nd Grade Math/Science & Technology
Michael Keatinge 2nd-3rd Grade Literacy & Social Studies
Amie Johnson 3rd Grade (one class-all subjects)
Latricia Barber 4th-5th Grade Literacy & Social Studies
Norma Benjamin 4th-5th Grade Math/Science
Kristen Gregory 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies & Science
Eric Ritter 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Paul Sandlin 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Math
Bridget Sibson PE
Nadia Lee Art
Mark Boykins Music
Ingrid Mays Special Education
Jennifer Washington Special Education
Jennifer Stewart Lead Teacher
Maria Lasso ELA


Elizabeth Garcia
Annette Hall
Dionne Brame
Melissa LaCrue
Ernestine Butler
Itzel Olvera
Sharion Lutz
Dolly Prout
Ronda Sproling
Flor Ortiz


Linette Barreto Counselor – Project PAVE
Whitney Mainz Social Worker
Dora Dunning Counselor – Jewish Family Services
Gloria Casanave-Perez Psychologist
Monica Simms-Guss Summer Scholars After School Program
Rebecca Sposato Nurse
Karen Labuda Head Start Liaison
Hollis Laverty Speech/Language Therapist
Bethany Pugh Occupational Therapist
Keith Murphy Business Manager
Misha Fraser ArtCorps Arts Education Coordinator


Dawn Kimsey Food Service
Kewanna Booker Food Service
Monique Thames Food Service
Monick Herrera Facilities Manager
TBD Custodian